Sierra Plumbing Supply and Granite Bay Plumbing Gallery are here to make your project easier!

Shopping online isn’t as easy as it seems. Today, it seems that our phones can do everything; there is an app for this, a service for that. You can shop for almost anything from your phone or computer, including buying a house or car. The internet can be a great resource for certain things, but remember that when it comes to making decisions for the kitchen and bath a photo is often inadequate, seeing in person is believing.

The internet is a great resource for gathering ideas, inspiration, and product information. And in today’s technological society, it’s an invaluable tool. With that being said, there is no substitute for seeing and feeling luxury kitchen and bath products. And no matter the quality of photography or screen calibration, colors on screen are never the same as in real life. Colors are best seen in person. How a faucet feels when you operate it, how you look in a mirror, and how a vanity drawer smoothly glides as you open and close it can only be appreciated in person. You cannot experience the true form and function of a product when buying online. Our website is here to spark ideas, along with our “Bath Planning Guide”. Our showroom and staff will help you pull it all together, and make sure what you see online is what you’re expecting, and that you have everything you need to get the job done.

Granite Bay Plumbing Gallery opened its doors in December 2015 with an amazing selection of kitchen and bath inventory to fulfill your new home or remodel project needs. This showroom also caters to home owners, contractors, new home builders, and investors.

Our stores provide a wide product selection from, value priced lines to high end designer and luxury lines for your home, business or project. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding old-fashioned personal service, great prices, and professional staff. Our experienced sales team will guide you through the myriad of options to ensure you are confident and satisfied with your purchase.


Working with us – The Showroom Advantage

Service makes a difference, and we do things differently.

Our staff is here to make your remodeling or building project go as smoothly as possible. With the support of our friendly and knowledgeable staff, you can be sure you will be guided through the process every step of the way. Our showroom staff at both locations has decades of experience. We are also an independently owned company, so you’re supporting your community and neighbors. Our Knowledge is Your Knowledge. Our staff knows every valve and finish, and thinks of every item and detail needed to complete your project as easily as possible. You benefit from our experience. Chances are, you have never remodeled a bathroom or kitchen, or if you have, it was a long time ago. It’s difficult to keep up with how technology and regulations have changed, even in the last five years, and to be sure you’ll have all the parts you’ll need to complete your project. Our staff members have decades of experience, and are continually learning, training, and sharpening their skills. Invest in quality. We sell products that are made with the best parts and materials, with a warranty to back them up. We believe that your fixtures should last as long as the home where they are installed.

The Big Box Deception

Are you really getting a good deal? Big box and online stores may seem like a good idea! They lure you in with bargain prices on notably knock off and low quality products.

online. And how do you know if there are any additional parts or pieces required to complete the installation? While online stores do offer some of the same products available through showrooms, often showrooms can offer the same item for less, while providing more service and education. When ordering online, what do you do if you’re missing items, have broken merchandise, or receive the wrong item? That money you may have saved is lost with notably no customer service, or poor customer service. If you or your plumber have any questions or need technical advice, you won’t get any answers from an online retailer.

Big box stores generally offer inferior products made specifically for them by the brand names you know. But the big box stores demand a certain look for a certain price, so the brands then produce the item using inferior materials and cheaper parts, in order to drive the price down as low as they can. These stores are also notorious for offering loss leaders, and overcharging for the parts and accessories you need to complete the project. Plus, customer service is nearly nonexistent, as only the paint department associate may be available to help you with your plumbing project.